Pierre Celestin Bimenyimana, PhD Researcher

Pierre Celestin BIMENYIMANA is a Rwandan by Nationality. He has experience in different areas including leadership, conflict resolution, counselling, research, social protection, office management, policy formulation, and Taekwondo sport. Whereby, he occupied different positions, including Advisor to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research at the University of Rwanda (current position), Vice President of the Rwanda Taekwondo Federation, worked in the local government of Rwanda, research assistant in various projects.

He has a Master of Public Administration from SungKyunKwan University (Rep. of  Korea) and a Master of Social Welfare Administration from Annamalai University (India). He has BA of Social Work from  the former National University of Rwanda (now University of Rwanda). He is currently pursuing a PhD of Social Work at the University of Rwanda with some courses at the University of Agder, Norway.

He has attended various trainings with certificates, including but not limited to, Certificates on Community Mobilisation for Action, Understanding Human Rights, Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility, Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls, Understanding Climate Change, Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises, and Civic Education.

Pierre’s research interests include Youth Engagement, Public Administration and HRD, Citizen Satisfaction with Public/Private Services, Drugs and Behavioral Change, Social Protection. He currently has four scientific publications.

He likes reading, playing taekwondo, praying, learning new experiences, travelling and physical and mental fitness.