Research Ethics Seminar

March 1st

Research requires many ethical considerations. Researchers have a responsibility to adopt, reflect on and behave according to research ethical principles and guidelines vis-à-vis the people that participate in and/or are affected by research, the research community and society at large. Ethical reflexivity should be an integral part of any research process, from beginning to end.

At this workshop we invite the participants to reflect on and discuss research ethics. The participants will get an introduction to what research ethics are, and why we need such ethics.

Time: March 1st at 8-11 (Norway)/9-12 (Rwanda)/ 10-13 (Uganda/Tanzania)


8-8.15: Welcome and presentation of participants
By Ann Christin Nilsen, Project leader RESILIENT

8.15-9: Research ethics – what and why?
By Professor Elisabeth Staksrud, former leader of the Norwegian national committee on research ethics in humanities and social sciences.

9-9.15: Break

9.15-10: Research ethical dilemmas. Group work and Q&A
By Elisabeth Staksrud

10- 10.15: Break

10.15 – 11: Research ethics – guidelines and procedures
By Professor Stella Neema, Department of Sociology and Chair of the Makerere University School of Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee