Ms. Robina Peters is a well dedicated Master’s Degree student at the Institute of Social Work in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. She also holds the Bachelor Degree in Social Work which she graduated at the Institute of Social Work. As soon as she pursued her first Degree, she volunteered serving at different community Institutions particularly the Baba watoto center of children and youth located in Dar es Salaam. She also carried out a project aimed at improving the life of children living in difficult environment at Baba watoto foundation Centre.

Robina is a valid formidable member of TASWO (Tanzania social workers) since 2020. She received short time training at Sinza Primary Court in Dar es Salaam. She also pioneered in Social Labs initialization which confines and addresses social matters from broad boundaries and carrying out different research on the social problems. However, she also took her extra time in aiding different orphanage centers in Dar es Salaam and assisting to raise awareness to the local people living in her area on the social rights. Since she is a dedicated well trained social worker, she has also provided Guidance and counseling on gender related violence and to the victims of STI’s (Sexual transmitted infections).

Currently, apart from being a student she also uses her experience to provide consultation to the society on the social related matters.