Genereuse Mukayisenga

Mukayisenga Genereuse is Assistant Lecturer at University of Technology and Arts of Byumba in Rwanda. In addition to teaching and research activities, she is Head of the Social Science Department. She has worked at the university since February 2009 where she was
appointed to different posts including Deputy Director of Quality Assurance and Director of
Registry and Academic Affairs. She has experience working with different NGOs, including community-based sociotherapy, Anglican Evangelic Enterprise, and Commission of Justice and Peace) as a trainer of facilitators and beneficiaries.

Genereuse’s expertise is in building human capital. She possesses a unique combination of teaching, training, counseling, social mobilization, communication techniques, group facilitation and administration that qualifies her extremely well.

Genereuse is currently a PHD student in Social Work and Community Development at University of Rwanda. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from National University of Rwanda.