Student-Led Initiative in Eastern Uganda Advocates for Education and Child Protection

In an effort to address pressing concerns regarding education and child abuse, a comprehensive sensitization campaign has been launched by the Norhed-Funded RESILENT Project’s Social Labs Interns in Ikumbya parish, situated within the Ikumbya Subcounty of Luuka district in Eastern Uganda. This initiative stems from an evident gap in understanding identified by Makerere University students during their visits to schools, coupled with a keen focus on problem recognition.

The dedicated team from Ikumbya has taken proactive steps to engage with children, fostering an environment of awareness and empowerment. The core strategy involves the creation of informative visual aids – talking posters, painted by the children themselves. These distinctive posters have been strategically placed within compounds to serve as constant reminders for educators, parents, visitors, and passersby, highlighting the fundamental rights of children, most notably their right to education.

The endeavour not only seeks to bridge the knowledge gap but also aims to instill a sense of responsibility within the community. By fostering an atmosphere where education and child protection are prioritized, RESILIENT’s Social Labs interns aspire to become a model for grassroots efforts in advancing children’s rights. As the campaign gains momentum, its impact on reshaping attitudes and behaviours is poised to pave the way for a brighter and more secure future for the children of Eastern Uganda.

Project RESILIENT is being carried out by Makerere University in partnership with the University of Rwanda, Institute of Social Work, Tanzania and University of Agder, Norway, and is funded by Norad.